Evaluating listening skills

di E. Darling, British Council

Final competences

  • To explore the sub skills of listening, including top-down and bottom-up processing.
  • To explore and reflect on evaluation and self-assessment for listening skills at a A2/B1 level.
  • To provide some tools for teachers to analyse the levels of their students' listening skills.
  • To look at listening skills descriptors and use them for evaluation purposes.
Objectives for teacher
  • To develop an awareness of how different listening activities can develop different listening sub-skills.
  • To develop an awareness of different types of evaluation and self-assessment for both teachers and students.
  • To try out some different types of listening activities and use evaluation and self-assessment, to reflect on these and to develop his/her ability to plan for further teaching.
  • To be able to integrate CEF A2 and B1 listening skills descriptors into his/her syllabus.
Objectives for students
  • To realise the importance of evaluation and self-assessment.
  • To participate in some learner-centred activities (including ICT) which develop listening skills.

Final competences
By the end of this unit, teachers will be able to assess when and how to select and use evaluation and self-assessment material successfully. He/she will be able to plan for further teaching using the CEF descriptors for B1 listening skills. Students will be able to talk about and evaluate their learning experience and should notice an improvement in their listening skills at B1 level.